Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Simplicity 1873

 I finished this dress back in December but I was so busy packing, moving, and unpacking that I didn't take any photos until last week.

So this is pretty much the most basic dress ever but it fills a wardrobe gap: I need a dress to wear with my hand knits. I find that I have surprisingly few items of clothing to wear with my knit and crochet cardigans.

I used Simplicity 1873 for the bodice. I made view C in a size 10 with no alterations. I used the view C circle skirt pattern from McCall's 6955, also in a size 10 because I don't like the Simplicity pattern's skirt. Those pleats look so weird to me. They're just like an arrow to your crotch or something. I don't know.

Bust: 35.5"
Length: 35"

I used a cotton/spandex stretch sateen from the Red Tag section at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I think this fabric is appropriate for all seasons even though it's a tropical type print. I love the colors and I really like that the pattern features both blue and black so I can wear this dress with navy blue and black cardigans. But I'm not sure that I'm a huge fan of the pattern itself. Like the actual tropical leaves.

Total Cost: $10.08
  • Fabric: $8.76
  • Zipper: $1.32

I feel like I missed a great opportunity for a bright, mismatched zipper. For whatever reason, I used a boring black invisible zipper instead.

The waist is a little low. I think it looks less obvious in these photos than in real life. In literally every other blog post I've ever written I say that my clothes look better in person than in pictures, so this is a unique turn of events.

I didn't line the bodice because I'm lazy. I used a narrow facing/bias tape hybrid to finish the neck and armhole edges. And I didn't feel like turning on my serger so I just pinked the seams. 

I was in a rush to get this finished for my work Christmas party, so I machine stitched the hem. I don't know the last time I machine stitched a hem; I generally believe that hand stitching hems is way easier. But I machine basted, pressed, and machine stitched and things worked out just fine. It might actually be easier to hem a circle skirt by machine. 

Besides the fact that I don't love this fabric, I would say this dress is a win. It's comfortable and it matches everything ever, which is the whole reason why I made it.


Look how cute it looks with my Agatha Cardigan and my Mei-Mei Cardigan!

And, of course, here's Sox using my dress as a bed:

Friday, February 13, 2015

Crochet Mei-Mei Cardigan

I actually finished this cardigan in June, finally took pictures in July, and then totally forgot to post about it. So these photos were taken back in Massachusetts when the weather was nice and warm and there wasn't 6 feet of snow on the ground.

The pattern is the Mei-Mei cardigan from Doris Chan's book Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You. It's worked top-down in one piece.

I was inspired by Constance's (of the blog Yarning Over the DaysRed Mei-Mei so I decided to copy her.

I used Cascade 220 worsted weight yarn in Christmas Red. I bought it online from Webs. I got the button at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I really love the button.

Total Cost: $12.78
  • Yarn: $11.18
  • Button: $1.60

This was a very quick project and I have plans to make a black Mei-Mei in the near future.

I love that Mei-Mei looks good both open and closed. That's a real bonus because I have made some cardigans, like Pike Place and Agatha, that only look good closed and I feel like that limits their wearability. (Side note: My Agatha cardigan doesn't look good open because of my yarn choice, not because of the pattern itself.)

I think this cardigan would look great in a drapey cotton yarn for summer. I'll probably make one someday since it only takes a couple of hours to work up.

All the construction details are available on my Ravelry Project Page.

Sox really loves wool. He's always all over my projects made from wool.