Friday, October 31, 2014

DIY Halloween Costumes: The Best Of

Happy Halloween!  I have no exciting plans this year but I thought it would be fun to share some of my better DIY Halloween costumes from previous years.

Halloween 2013 - Loofa:

My boyfriend Bruce (the one I crocheted a hat for) was soap on a rope and I was an adorable - if I do say so myself - loofa.  I used the leftover tulle from my Design Wars/Project Pink Competition Entry dress to make this costume.  I ended up having to buy more, which sort of defeated the purpose, but my costume was wicked cute, so whatever.  And I bought a home dec trim from Jo-Ann Fabrics to use as the loofa string.

For Bruce's costume I ironed white SOAP letters onto one of his white t-shirts and he tied a rope around his waist.  He actually wore that shirt around for months after Halloween and it just looked like a plain t-shirt.  Not much of a costume, but pretty practical in the long run.

I ended up leaving my giant loofa costume in the back seat of my car for months until Bruce finally took it to the dump.

Halloween 2011 - Pikachu:

I bought a men's large t-shirt, stuck my shoulders through the neck, and tied the sleeves in the back to make the dress.  (I learned that at college; the sorority girls would do that with their Arizona shirts for football games.  It makes a pretty flattering dress.  I wore a pink version of this dress under my loofa costume from 2013.)  I made the Pikachu ears using bunny ears from a party store.  I cut off the fluff and covered them in felt.

And I even found another Pikachu at the bar!  He said his costume was better because his had a tail but, let's be real, I was way cuter.

Halloween 2009 - Red Solo Cup:

I was a red solo cup and my friend was ping pong balls and together we were beer pong.  This was probably my most labor intensive Halloween costume ever.

I bought a trashcan, spray paint, and a rope at Home Depot.  I got a frat guy to cut off the bottom of the trash can with an electric saw, I spray painted it red, used some white acrylic paint laying around the sorority house for the trim, used Sharpie for the lettering, and tied the rope to the trash can handles.  People threw trash at me all night.  It was terrible.

 Halloween 1999 - Pokemon Card:

I guess I really like Pokemon costumes.  I made this all by myself, hence the terrible artwork.  (Which hasn't improved much in the past 15 years, by the way.)  I wore a sweet poster board sandwich board type thing.  It was awesome.

Halloween 1999 - Clown:

My first Halloween.  To be fair, my mom is the one who "made" this one.  As in, she made a few pom poms and attached them to my onesie pajamas, shoes, and a BIRTHDAY HAT.  Mom...what???  Who just has a spare birthday hat laying around?  And that face paint is truly bizarre.

I wish I had better photos of my costumes, because they were pretttttttty sweet.  I'm not dressing up this year, but hopefully next year Bruce and I will have an awesome couples costume situation going on.  

Speaking of Bruce, my next post contains some exciting news...

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