Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blue Wrap Competition Entry

I am the worst blogger ever.  It has been almost two months since my last post.  Although I have been very busy...Details and exciting news in my next post!

So anyway, last spring I entered a competition at school where students had to design and sew a garment using surgical blue wrap from a local hospital.  I won Most Wearable!  The competition entries were on display at the school library for Earth Week.

The blue wrap is a stiff bonded fabric that doesn't fray, which is why I decided to design something with scallops.  I didn't need to worry about facings or anything and the stiffness of the blue wrap held the shape of the scallops well.  The blue wrap can't be ironed, so it would have been impossible to sew the scallops in the traditional way with facings and linings and whatnot.

I used the pattern from my Colorblocked Shift Dress as a starting point for the bodice of this dress.  I took the pattern in at the waist and I drafted a basic two-dart pencil skirt for the light blue underskirt.  For the scalloped skirt overlay, I closed out the waist darts, which added some flare at the side seams to give it an a-line shape.  Here's a shot of Sox with my pencil skirt pattern pieces:

I also used the scallop pattern piece from my Colorblocked Shift Dress as the stencil for the scallops on this dress.

I winged it a lot with this project and it worked in my favor.  I sort of just threw the scallop pattern over the bodice front and traced the shape.  I did the same for the back.  Usually I overthink things and focus too much on details and on doing things "the right way" and I think my projects would go more smoothly if I winged it a little more. I got the scallops on the skirt to line up perfectly at the side seam with barely any work.  I think I would have been unsuccessful if I had worried about the scallops too much.

I used facings to finish the armscyes.  Side note: this is not a perfect zipper because I had to re-cut that back piece and I had to pull out the zipper and sew it back in.  It was a whole thing.

But look at how perfectly the scallops line up at the side seam!

I made a little slash with an exacto knife for the buttonhole on the back and covered the button with the light blue wrap.  The back waist looks crooked, but that's just the way it's sitting on the dressform.  I had issues with the bodice back pieces bunching and sitting oddly and I was on a deadline and didn't have time to fool around with it too much, so they aren't sewn to the skirt.

Sox was adorable - per usual - and made a fort out of the blue wrap:

I just realized I never blogged about my dressform.  I got it a year ago when I was taking Draping at school.  I got it from The Shop Company.  I was going to post about it to let the other sewing bloggers know about the high quality and affordability of the dressforms and then I forgot.  And then a bunch of other bloggers got The Shop Company's dressforms like six months later and there were all kinds of coupon codes on their blogs.  Boo.

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  1. Still love this. You should put pictures of it from the FSU fashion show on your blog! It looks stunning on you. Miss you~