Thursday, March 27, 2014

Floral Skater Dress

This dress is the first "sewing for fun" thing I've made in almost a year since starting fashion school. My sewing mojo was MIA for a while, but my burning desire for another winter dress motivated me to overcome my emotional sewing issues.  I used a cotton jersey I bought online from Girl Charlee.  I'm always on the hunt for the perfect floral fabric.  When I found this one I knew I had to buy it.  I love the colors and the scale of the print.  (I swear my shoes match the coral perfectly in real life - they are not as pink as they look in the photos.)

I used an ivory Jet-Set knit from Jo-Ann Fabrics to line the skirt.  It is lightweight and has a similar stretch as the floral jersey.  But if it stretches too much it starts to run, sort of like pantyhose.  So I used an interlock knit from Jo-Ann Fabrics for the neckline bias tape.  I didn't want to do a visible binding with the floral fabric because I just wasn't feeling it.  And when I pinned a narrow hem around the neckline it pulled the dress too tight.  And I will take any excuse to use bias tape because I love it.

Total Cost: $16.12
  • Fabric: $11
  • Skirt Lining: $4.49
  • Neckline Bias Tape: 63 cents

I bought a long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy (for like $2 - I love Old Navy) because their t-shirts fit me the best.  I took it apart and used it as the basis for the bodice of this dress.  The skirt took some more work.  I made many a muslin.  Half circle skirts cut on different grainlines, full circle skirts, three-quarter circle skirts...But they didn't look right.  So I traced the skirt off of a dress I got from Express and used that.  Pretty sure it's just an A-line skirt and I was over thinking the whole thing.

I'm very happy with this dress.  It fits great and will be a colorful addition to my winter wardrobe. 


  1. Beautiful dress, Alison. I'm a sucker for a good floral dress, and this is just perfect. I just discovered Girl Charlee and their insane selection. Dangerous place!
    So glad you're back to sewing for fun

  2. Love. This came out so beautifully! Love the sleeve length - wicked cute.