Monday, August 19, 2013

Knitted Embroidered Floral Cardigan

I drafted my first knitting pattern!  It's a basic cardigan with some embroidered flowers on the front.

I used Caron Simply Soft worsted weight yarn for the body of the sweater and bits and pieces of yarn I had laying around for the embroidery.

Total Cost: $6.64
  • Yarn: $4.64
  • Buttons: $2

It was inspired by this cardigan I found on Pinterest:

The sweater itself came together very quickly, but I underestimated how long the embroidery would take and how little I would actually want to do it.  I made my mom do all the French knots and sew on the buttons because I couldn't face it...thanks Mom!

This cardigan is by no means perfect.  I think I picked up too many stitches around the neckline because it lies kind of weird.  And I wouldn't mind if the sleeves were like an inch longer.  And I suspect I made the waist too small but I'm not sure because it doesn't button because I made the buttonholes too big.  When I tried to use satin stitch to make them smaller it just sort of made the front button band look sloppy.  At least it looks good open.

I used little pearl buttons from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I think they give the cardigan a vintage feel.

I used two books to help me design this cardigan: Knitwear Design Workshop and Knitting Pattern Essentials.  If anyone is interested in reading more about my experience drafting my own pattern I would be happy to write another more in-depth post about it.  So leave me a comment or something.

This is my Turquoise Striped Dress.  It's one of the very first things I ever made.  (It's actually made pretty well except for the zipper, which is sort of a mess.)  It is somehow appropriate for every occasion and looks good with all of my shoes.  What else can a girl ask for in a dress?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Colette Sorbetto

I finally have a sewing project to post about!  I started this three months ago - ew - and I finally picked it back up and finished it.

I used the extra yard of fabric leftover from my Turquoise Polka Dot Dress.  Ya know, using the whole cow or whatever.

Total Cost: $3.78

This started out as a Colette Sorbetto, but I made a lot of changes.  There is a seam down the back because I didn't have enough fabric.  Also, the armscye didn't fit right so I let out the shoulder seams and when that didn't work I let out the back seam and when that didn't work I just chopped off the fabric under my armpit.  I probably should've just drafted my own pattern, but I was feeling lazy.

At first I thought this top was too short, but I think the length is perfect.  And I like how it kicks out at the bottom.

I am all about rick rack and I've been itching to use some.  I used almost a whole 2.5 yard package on the hem and the armholes so I had to buy another package for the neck, which was a bummer.  I wasn't totally sure what to do with the raw edges of the rick rack so I dabbed on some Fray Check and hid them the best I could.  If anyone has any experience working with rick rack and knows of a better way to do this, I would love some input.

I used WashAway Wonder Tape to hold the rick rack in place.  I don't think I could have done it without this stuff.  For the armholes and the neckline, I finished the edges with single fold bias tape then I stuck the rick rack in place with the Wonder Tape and I sewed it on.

I hand stitched the hem, stuck the rick rack on with Wonder Tape, and hand stitched it on.

I won't lie, the rick rack under my armpits isn't super comfortable.  But I DGAF because I love this top.  Beauty is pain, my friends.