Saturday, April 13, 2013

Simplicity 5357 (Vintage)

I made a halter top in an unsuccessful attempt to bring summer to Massachusetts.  It was a gift to the sewing gods; if I gave them a halter they would give me halter weather.  I suspect Mass is going to give spring and summer a pass and continue on with winter.  I am suffering from seasonal depression.  In April.  I am wicked sick of the east coast. 

My mother picked me up a bunch of vintage patterns at a thrift store when she was visiting my grandmother in Kansas.  She did pretty well.  This pattern is from 1974.  It's funny that a pattern from 40 years ago is on-trend now.

I used leftover fabric from my Gingham Button Down Shirt and some buttons I bought over a year ago for a project I never actually made.  Stash busting like woah.

I love the back!  I think the buttons are such a cute detail.

I don't have much to say about this project except it was quick and easy.  I'm really happy with my finished top.  Maybe it will get warm enough sometime in 2013 for me to wear it.

And I forgot to thank Sally of The Quirky Peach for nominating me for a Liebster Blog Award!  I have already been nominated and my post is here.  I am feeling the love for sure.

Sally is my Renfrew twin! Aren't we cute?


  1. This is so adorable!!! I, too, sew spring-y clothes to apprease the weather gods - lol. Doesn't seem to work too well in the Midwest either, though. Today its snowing. But tomorrow its supposed to be sunny and a high of 73. then back to 40 on Monday. Really.

  2. Cute! Love the bust detail, looking like a bow!

  3. What a gorgeous top, I love the back. Fingers crossed for better weather, I'm mighty sick of it too

  4. This is so totally gorgeous on you!! I wonder if you can plan a holiday for somewhere warmer! I am hating the hot ATM and want it to cool down already lol. What a cute little pattern I love it. Go mum too for bringing back such a great pressy!!

  5. Beautiful top! You did such and great job with the fit and the lovely details.