Saturday, March 23, 2013

Simplicity 7329 (Vintage)

I had a pair of overalls in high school and my friends hated them. I'm fairly certain they stole them. So, five years later, I decided I desperately needed another pair of overalls. I found a pattern from 1976 on Etsy and knew it was a sign from God.

I used denim from Jo-Ann Fabrics' Red Tag section.  The color is a lot lighter in real life.  Maybe I should get a real camera instead of using my MacBook's Photobooth...

Total Cost: $6.39

  • Fabric: $2.70
  • Overall Buckles: $2.49
  • Zipper: $1.20

These overalls fit me like a glove.  I didn't have to change the pattern at all.  I didn't even shorten them. (Although I did sew a pretty deep hem.)  Amazing.

I'm very proud of these overalls. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but my topstitching is impeccable.  I think the contrasting white thread is a nice touch.

Look how good my butt looks!

Sox napping on my overalls.


  1. I love them! How wonderful to be able to recreate a much loved garment :)

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  3. I was 15 years on in 1976 and wore a pair of overalls just like these! You did a great job on them and I really like your white topstitching.

    1. Thank you! Some things just never go out of style, I guess....

  4. These are really cute. And go ahead and toot hour horn about that topstitching. Great work!

  5. CUTE! I wonder if a 30 yr old Mom of four could get by with wearing something that cute!