Monday, February 18, 2013

Knitted Pike Place

What can I say, I just love cropped sweaters.  This is the Pike Place pattern. I used Cascade 128 Tweed bulky weight yarn.

Total Cost: $32.15
  • Yarn: $27.45
  • Buttons: $4.70

I love this yarn.  I ordered it online from Webs.  It's too bad it's been discontinued. I went to the Webs store in Northampton, MA a few months after I bought this yarn and I picked up more Cascade 128 Tweed in two other colors. 

I bought the buttons at Jo-Ann Fabrics.


  1. Very pretty sweater. I love the ribbing detail and the use of buttons. Okay, is that the inside of your closet, because it is so neat and organized. You should do a blog on it too! (LOL)

  2. Thank you! It took me months to pick out the right buttons haha. If you ever decide to dabble in knitting, this would be a perfect first pattern. Very easy and quick.

    And that's my garment rack. I have clothes in my closet and on my garment rack. Let me tell you, the inside of my closet is not nearly as neat haha. I have been meaning to do a post about my new room. I moved my sewing room from my mom's dining room into my bedroom so I had it repainted, I got an awesome quilting table, and I have some really cute wall decorations.