Sunday, January 6, 2013

Knitted Gray Gap-tastic Cowl

I knitted this cowl using the free Gap-tastic pattern on Ravelry. I used two skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy bulky weight yarn in silver heather.  It's just a basic seed stitch cowl knit in the round. I whipped it up in a few hours.  Wicked easy pattern.  Wicked cute scarf.  Wicked soft yarn.

Total Cost: $3.80 ($1.90/skein)

It just doesn't look as good when it's not looped

I just have to show off my jacket because I absolutely love it. (Pretend this isn't the most awkward photo ever.)  It's from Nordstrom Rack and has no labels.  As in no brand name or care instructions, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.  Weird.  Kind of makes me like it more for some reason.


  1. Super cute, both the scarf and jacket! I don't have the patience to knit, so I commend you!

  2. I posted awhile ago that you won my giveaway!! Please send your information to my email which you can just reply to this comment in your email or go to my blog and my email is in the top right. I cannot find your email for the life of me! Here is the original post identifying you as the winner.

  3. Hi Alison, I think you're adorable! I'm sending you the Hipster Liebster award to pass along some love! See the details of the award here:

    1. I was about to nominate YOU for the Liebster award! Thank you so much!!

    2. Hooray! That makes me happy!

  4. It's a cool cowl and the jacket is awesome-I've got a knipmode pattern for the same that I mean to make up in wool felt XD Much too hot at the moment tho'