Monday, November 26, 2012

McCall's 6612

I had my five year high school reunion this past weekend and I decided I needed a wicked short, wicked tight dress. Now that I'm in fashion school I have to look good, right?

I used McCall's #6612 (view C - the cowl-less one) for the top of the dress and McCall's #6281 for the skirt. I ended up taking in the seams .5" on each side and down the sleeves because the dress just wasn't tight enough and let's be real, I like my clothing tiiiiight.

I used a polyester/lycra ITY jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics. I usually try to make my clothes for under $10, but I love me some houndstooth and I have no self control.

Total Cost: $25.40
  • Fabric: $20.40
  • Shipping: $5


  1. Great job on the dress! The houndstooth fabric was really worth the cost.

    1. Thank you! I am very happy with the fabric. I splurged on another fabric - a wool sweater knit - from Gorgeous Fabrics that cost me a pretty penny, but besides that I have been very money conscious (aka cheap), so I don't feel too bad about it haha.

  2. ZOMG your Sox is adorable! Thanks for your lovely comment about sewing with cats -- consider yourself awarded! I don't know how we're going to decide which cat is fluffier, though. I think cat people tend to be a little more independent, out of the box (although cats love being in boxes!) thinkers, and less concerned with pleasing everyone, so sewing one's own clothes works really well for that personality type. That's just my theory, though.

    That houndstooth dress looks so good on you! I love the purple/black color combo.

  3. Your so cute 5 year reunion making me feel old!! My 10 year was this year but I managed to avoid all the people trying to contact me for it hehe. Dress looked stunning and so funny about the photos. Love the colour too I am sure everyone would have been gooing and gaaing over how hot you looked!! :)