Thursday, October 25, 2012

Onto Advanced Apparel Construction

Soooooo since I'm a fashion design major, I'm supposed to take Principles of Apparel Construction. Since I am such a talented seamstress, I decided to petition to test out of the class and move on to Advanced Apparel Construction. I had to take a written test and turn in garments with waistbands, zippers, buttons, and collars.


I just wanted to brag all over the internet that I tested out of Principles of Apparel Construction!!!!! Yaaaaaay! No remedial sewing for this girl. I'll be taking Advanced Apparel Construction this spring. I am a golden god. That is all.

And because I couldn't do it without him, here's a picture of Soxy helping me sew the button down shirt that got me out of Sewing 101:


  1. Congrats! I know how much of a confidence booster testing out of a class can be. Well, my experience is in business school but yeah, still. LOL

  2. Thank you! It really did make me feel good about myself haha. I'm very proud. And congrats to you for testing out of business school classes!