Wednesday, October 31, 2012

McCall's 6124

I made McCall's #6124 to test out of Principles of Apparel Construction.  I made view B with the sleeves from view A.
I got the fabric from the red tag section of Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Total Cost: $9.60

  • Fabric: $9.60 (I bought 3 yards at $3.20/yard and I didn't use it all)
  • Buttons: stash
  • Interfacing: stash

I'm very happy with this shirt. I am pretty proud of the quality of construction, if I do say so myself.  And I think it fits nicely.

I didn't have time to do a real sleeve cuff (I was practically sewing this in the car on the way to turn it in) so I did some sort of makeshift fold-up cuff situation.

Look at those beautiful buttonholes!

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  1. Ah Alison thank you so much for commenting on my blog so that I could find yours! I am seriously obsessed right now, you make the absolute cutest things and I love your style. We definitely have similar tastes because I seriously love everything you make, this shirt is so cute and I am in LOVE with your recently made cupcake skirt. So cute, anyways I just had to tell you that I think you are absolutely adorable and I am definitely following your blog from now on!